Overview of Campus

A+ Academy consists of both large and small classrooms. Our goal is to keep our class sizes between 6-8 students to maximize an instructor’s time with each student. This also allows our instructors to personalize the lessons based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. According to our students, this ratio of one instructor per 6-8 students is what helps them learn the best. 



A+ Academy of Advancement is a private school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education (MoE) and is authorized to grant high school credits. The school is maintaining high-quality education strictly following the requirements set by MoE, Ontario. The school is regularly inspected by Ministry and every time we have successfully maintained the Academy’s authority to grant high school credits which are proof of our consistent quality and full compliance of MoE’s requirements.

Our activities include high and lower secondary school students tutoring, high school credit courses, short duration professional courses and preparing international students for OSSD. Our goal is to provide students with the best quality education and prepare them for their career successes.

A+ Academy of Advancement is also an International Language Academy, where students of diverse background visit to learn about Canada’s culture, and also the English language. We provide all five levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) courses that are taught by highly qualified, TESL certified teachers. We place you in either the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced course depending on your past experiences with English and your comfort level. A+ Academy does not believe that only classroom experience is sufficient to learn a language. As such, we also take you on trips around Toronto where you will get to communicate with the locals in English, as well as learn about the Canadian way of living.


A+ Academy of Advancement was established as a tutoring centre in Toronto as well as in Mississauga in 2006  with the aim to provide an effective, supportive, and unique learning environment to the students.  In 2009, the Academy started teaching high school credit courses and the same year got inspected by Ministry of Education to get authorization to grant high school credits. It thus started working as a part-time private school with credit course activities at both the locations i.e. Danforth Toronto and Cooksville Mississauga.  During the last few years it is growing and expanding fast and this success has been possible with the help of teachers, students and parents.

We take the initiatives to encourage the career and personal growth of our students. We seek to equip them with the skills necessary to act in response to the changing opportunities and challenges. The academy provides books and logistics support to the students. We always try to provide high-quality education and training which creates necessary skills among the students to achieve their long-term career targets.  A+ Academy of Advancement is working in partnership with community service providers, employment agencies and private companies. 


Our mission is to help you achieve your individual goals by providing you with personalized services, a safe and caring learning environment, and a variety of experienced teachers and counsellors that will cater to your individual needs. We do not believe in the one-shot-fits-all theory. As such, we strive to learn about you as a person, so we can create a plan that is the best for you.  


In Canada, diversity is our strength and it is one of our core values. There is no one particular Canadian culture, as our culture is to celebrate all cultures and ethnicities. A+ Academy is located in an area, which people of many different ethnic backgrounds call their home. So, no matter which country you are from, you will definitely feel accepted here, and Canadians will welcome you with open arms.

At A+ Academy, we celebrate many cultural and religious festivals such as Hanukkah, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Navroz, Caribana and many more. We have a very multicultural group of staff and students. As such, you will be getting the opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures of Canada, as well as get to try the delicious food at our diverse, local restaurants!  

Kenes Rakishev

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